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Contemporary Home

  • typology: Private residence
  • place: Monthey- Swiss
  • Installed Gibus products: Quadra
  • Gibus Atelier: DI MARCO & ANGELI SNC
Immagine di anteprima (orizzontale)
Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
Immagine di anteprima (verticale)

Would you like to be able to enjoy a Gibus Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole) in maximum comfort throughout the year? This dream is easily achievable if you choose the right solution for your needs. And this is exactly what Yvan Chiapolino did in his home inMonthey, Switzerland, by choosing a Quadra pergola.
The Gibus pergola was installed in an area of 50 m2 which, from inside the house, is accessed through a large glass door that overlooks the garden, thereby creating a wonderful continuity with the outside space. “This area”, explained Chiapolino, “had no protective cover before. My main requirement was, therefore, to find a product that provided effective shade from the sun so that I could use this outdoor space above all during the summer, something that was impossible previously. Another important aspect was the design, as I wanted to find a solution that blended well with the style of the house.”
These features were found in Med Quadra, a pergola with a painted aluminium load-bearing and wall-mounted structure, which has a sliding fabric roof canopy supported by wind-resistant section breaks. The essential and elegant lines of the pergola, together with the wooden decking chosen for the outdoor area, immediately communicate a sense of airiness and wellbeing, as well as adding a touch of modern design to the entire home.
“Once I saw the Gibus products,” added Chiapolino, “I immediately knew that I’d found a solution with all the features I was looking for, together with the quality of an Italian product.” For this reason, Chiapolino, proud of his Fruilian origins, in spite of the distance, decided to work with the Di Marco & Angeli snc Design Studio of Dignano, in the province of Udine.
“After having looked at installing another Gibus product, Med Fly, we understood that a Quadra would be more suited to our customer’s requirements,” explained Omar Di Marco, owner of the design studio that oversaw the work. “In a couple of days, with two people, we assembled the pergola, adding a LED lighting system so that it really could be used at any time of the day”.
The advantages of having chosen a Gibus pergola? Numerous, as Chiapolino explained: “Now we can count on an extra room, which allows us to ‘extend’ the summer season and enhance our comfort while staying outdoors almost from March to October. In addition, we have added tables and chairs, transforming the area into the perfect location for entertaining friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. Lastly,” underlined the owner of the property, “I’m happy not only that I found Gibus to be the benchmark for products of excellence, but also that the staff of design studio who took care of the installation showed great professionalism and competence.”
Once again, therefore, Gibus have proved to be the ideal partner for creating a Place Under the Sun that combines functionality, elegance and wellbeing, and is usable at any time of the year. 

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“Once I saw the Gibus products, I immediately knew that I’d found a solution with all the features I was looking for, together with the quality of an Italian product.”

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