Awnings and blinds

About us

We create solutions to experience the sun all year round so that everyone can spend wonderful moments under the shelter of their pergola or awning.

With all our energy, we design and manufacture bioclimatic pergolas, retractable pergolas and awnings, as well as a series of accessories such as glass doors, lighting systems, sound systems and heaters.

We bring Made in Italy to the world, the excellence, the authenticity of a sun culture, of the Italian style in living light. Our secret is the listening, the comparison, the constant attention to the competences, the experiences, the skills of all our team.

We work by combining the peculiarities and best features of each one, ideas, industrial ingenuity and craftsmanship.

We take the best to give you the best.

We want to be the reference in the world for all people who want sustainable wellbeing, creating outdoor and sun protection solutions that allow you to experience the beauty of exciting spaces.

Our history

Gianfranco Bellin and Lorenzo Danieli founded PROGETTOTENDA on 12 October 1982, at the age of 26 and 23 respectively, and began producing mosquito nets, roller and vertical awnings. The first location was a rented warehouse of 400 square metres.

Gibus brand

In 1987 they met up with other business people and had the intuition to create a common brand together: Gibus was born. Gibus is an elegant French top hat that contains a mechanism that retracts the cylinder so that it can be worn comfortably under the arm. “Gibus” synthesises the concepts of elegance, technology and functionality that can be found in all our products.

Atelier Gibus

With foresight, the company realised the potential of developing a network of highly trained retailers well rooted in the territory and launched the Gibus Atelier project. The Ateliers are authorised dealers of Gibus branded products exclusively for the outdoor sector. Today the network is present in Italy and in the main European countries with hundreds of Gibus Ateliers.

Gibus spa

2012 marks the transition from four local artisan companies, distributed in various regions of the country, to a single industrial company. Gibus SPA is born.


Corporate industrial reorganisation and private equity entry

Exit from the group of some of the historical partners and simultaneous entry of a Private Equity fund. The cohabitation with the fund will be fundamental for the company’s growth and development, thanks also to the entry of a new generation of managers who now work alongside the Bellin-Danieli family in its management.

100% Family Bellin Danieli

Once the company restructuring process had been completed and a new managerial structure had been achieved, the Bellin-Danieli family repurchased all the shares in Gibus and the Private Equity fund consequently left.

EGM stock exchange quotation

Gibus opens to the market with a capital increase fully subscribed by institutional and professional investors. The stock market entry certifies the value of the brand and further highlights the company at an international level. The capital raised will be used to accelerate the development plans, aimed at strengthening the leadership in the Italian market and especially the growth in the main foreign markets.


The year 2022 sees the birth of Gibus NL B.V., based in Zwolle, the Netherlands, and is part of the internationalisation process, which continued with the acquisition of the German company LEINER, a reality of excellence in the outdoor design segment, with a broad product portfolio that includes awnings, pergolas and glass roofs.

The family

A synonym for Gibus is Family. Both because at the head of the company are Gianfranco, Lucia and Alessio (father, mother and son respectively), who lead the company every day with passion and determination, and because everyone who works at Gibus feels part of a large community.

The relationship between colleagues is one of sharing and collaboration. Gibus is a company where people work with enthusiasm and fun.

Atelier project

The Atelier project was born in 2008 from the intuition to build a widespread network of highly trained and competent retailers. Gibus is currently present in Italy and in the main European countries with a network of hundreds of Gibus Ateliers, authorised resellers of Gibus branded products exclusively for the outdoor sector and to whom are reserved communication initiatives, training and updating activities, technical and marketing activities, privileged discounts and additional services to the sale including consumer credit and operational rental.

AIM stock exchange quotation

The listing on the EGM segment of Borsa Italiana in June 2019 represents an ambitious goal for us and the strong interest shown by investors confirms the validity of our business model. Since 1982 Gibus has distinguished itself for its ability to bring innovation to the Outdoor Design sector: the listing on the stock exchange is also unique in our competitive landscape. With satisfaction we bring to the capital market a sector in which Italian creativity has always been the main competitive advantage.

Our values
Code of Ethics

The essence of a company is its necessary substance, that characteristic without which it would cease to be what it is. For Gibus, this substance is the values of honesty, fairness, confidentiality and reliability towards all stakeholders. The Code of Ethics establishes the values, rules, commitments and ethical responsibilities of the company and provides the guidelines that guide its work.
Gibus offers the possibility of making a report via the Whistleblowing platform.


Rethinking, redefining ourselves and the company’s path with the aim of continuous improvement: every point of arrival is an exciting new starting point. Constantly redefining ideas, approaches and beliefs. Continuous becoming is understood as change, as the opposite concept to being, when the latter is conceived as motionless and removed from any mutation. For us, redefinition is the vital thrust, the driving force that pushes us to question our choices every day, to persist in the constant search for all-round improvement.


Gibus mobile sun protection products generate sustainable wellbeing that guarantees comfort for the people who use them, with almost insignificant consumption of resources and producing energy savings that are truly beneficial to our planet. We want to develop this sensitivity towards the environment, first and foremost internally, by making choices aimed at minimising the impact of our industrial activity. But we want to do so even more strongly externally: by spreading the culture of mobile sun protection to our distribution network, to the public and to designers.

Corporate well-being

We want all the people who work at Gibus to enjoy their work and we believe that a satisfied employee makes a serious contribution to the growth of a company. With this in mind, every year we try to increase our efforts to raise safety standards and internal training to contribute to the well-being of our employees. We are convinced that cultural growth throughout the company will enable it to cope with the speed of change with the necessary skills, abilities and dynamism. The company’s well-being also looks outwards: we like to involve our resellers more and more by offering continuous training, services and dedicated material.



Customer focus

The customer is at the centre of our thinking: we think and design our products with the needs of the people who will use them in mind, creating new places to live their lives. We are concentrated and focused: we like to give the market the best possible product. With us the customer never feels alone, together with our network of Gibus Atelier certified dealers we follow him in all phases: from research, to design, to sales, to after-sales.



Our partners are the key to creating a better business. Mutual understanding and shared core values are the basis of our relationship with our retailers and suppliers. Our relationship is based on transparency and commitment, so that we can always improve.


We certify ourselves and our products because we want to ensure the highest level of well-being for everyone. ISO 9001 certification attests that the company’s quality management system has been recognised as meeting a standard of excellence. ISO 45001 certification ensures that the management system complies with the relevant standard and informs employees and the public that the company protects the health and safety of its workers by providing organisational, instrumental and economic resources. ISO 14001 certification ensures compliance with environmental management standards to identify and control the effects of activities, products and services on the environment, seeking continuous improvement in an effective and sustainable manner. Our aluminium is painted in Qualicoat-certified facilities and is pre-treated by Seaside for improved strength and durability.