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A fabric for every need

We select the best and most innovative fabrics to optimise the functionality and technology of our products. Our aim is to provide you with maximum comfort and performance.

How to choose the most suitable fabric?
Thermic comfort
You can choose a fabric that helps to lower the perceived temperature and reduces air conditioning costs.
Visual comfort
You can choose from a wide range of filter fabrics to block only the amount of light you want and allow you to enjoy the view to the outside.
Protection against atmospheric agents
You can choose a fabric that protects against rain, wind, cold or insects, depending on your needs and the season.
Optimal microclimate
You can choose a breathable micro-perforated fabric to keep the air flowing, or a shading fabric that screens the light and protects you and your home from the heat.
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Fire protection

All of our fabrics are fire proofed as required by legislation for products installed outdoors. If you have a restaurant or hotel, you can choose a fabric with a higher degree of fire proofing to protect it from possible accidents.

Total solar factor

The total solar factor identifies the amount of heat entering your home and the lower it is the less you will spend on cooling it. A good fabric shields more than 70% of the heat, most of our fabrics shield 80% to 90% of the heat.

Visual transmission

Visual transmission is the amount of light that enters your home. Depending on the opening factor of the fabric and the colour you choose, you can manage the amount of daylight and glare in your rooms.

Attention to health and the environment

All our fabrics are compliant with the European REACH regulation and therefore contain no substances harmful to health..

Which materials are available?

These are all high-quality, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean materials. In addition to classic PVC fabrics, we have recently introduced some technical, fibreglass and health-certified fabrics.

There are also some recycled fabrics to minimise the impact on the environment.

What colours can you choose?
The combinations we have available are almost unlimited, and our experts will help you choose the fabrics and colours that best suit your needs.
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