Awnings and blinds

Design with us

Gibus, your partner in your outdoor projects

Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams.

Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.


Every project realised with Gibus products is unique: there are no standard solutions, but flexible products that adapt to the needs of each designer.

Finishes, colours, sizes and special application solutions are part of our daily work, meeting designers’ expectations is our priority.


Gibus has a team of in-house technicians who can assist the designer in the development of the most suitable solution, with the aid of computerised design tools.

The company’s technical-commercial officers are also always available to view the project sites and assess the site issues with the customer or designer, recommending the most suitable solution.

3D models and
bim objects

Gibus provides designers with 3D models, as well as 2D drawings, of all its products.

BIM models of the main products are also available.

You can find them in our reserved area dedicated to Designers. Register by filling in the form on this page.

Solutions for every project
product lines
aluminium powder coating
An international
sales network at
your disposal

The Gibus Ateliers are specialist retailers who distribute, install and assist Gibus products in all territories:
they are the contacts prepared to assist and serve designers directly in their area, technical consultants who are always available.

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