Awnings and blinds

Energy Saving

Lower bills:
sun awnings
can be enough

An awning is the oldest air-conditioning system and is still effective. An outdoor awning – such as a drop or arm awning – can lower the internal temperature by a few degrees during the hottest hours of the day.

This is more effective if the fabric of the blind is dark, as it is more resistant to solar energy than a light fabric.

The air conditioner can be switched on for less time, or not at all, which saves on energy bills. The European Parliament recognises solar shading as one of the ways to reduce energy costs in buildings.

Energy performances

The effectiveness of internal curtains. Even an awning can therefore improve the energy performance of your home. This is calculated and certified by thermal engineering offices.

The value by which they are measured is the “gtot” (passive solar gain), i.e. the percentage of solar energy that the fabric, placed in front of a glass surface, is not able to repel but lets filter inside. The energy performance is affected by both the type of awning and the colour of the fabric.

Did you know, for example, that an awning installed outside a window is much more effective than one installed inside? An external awning generates a heat reduction of 85/90%; with the same fabric, an internal one only 40/50%.

Gibus Ateliers can show you the technical data sheet of all our awning fabrics and guide you in your choice, as well as advise you on the most suitable professional to calculate the energy performance of your home.

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