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Drop Awnings for Shops

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For your shop to be beautiful and memorable - even from a distance - you need to protect the items in the window from blanching in the sun and perfect the lighting to flaunt your products before your customers. There are so many advantages to installing one or more Gibus vertical drop awnings.

You decide how much light filters into your shop, by your choice of fabric: its weight, thickness and colour. Shading fabrics - crush-proof and microporous - screen out the sun’s rays but not the view of the comings and goings outside. Blocking fabrics keep out the heat and are coated in PVC to make them waterproof. They are all extremely resistant to wear and tear, inclement weather and UV rays.

Our vertical drop awnings for shops are functional, long-lasting and, above all, attractive. They spread the word about your name, strengthen your brand and welcome customers from the street. Every awning is unmistakeably yours, customised with colour, a valance and other decoration of your choice. We will personalise them for you with writing and logos.

Choose from a large range of vertical drop awnings for shops. Tolo BP has telescopic side arms that stretch the awning outwards, protecting the shop window but leaving it in plain sight. DIM is the perfect choice for larger shop windows, distinguishable on account of its robust design. 

If aesthetics and sophistication are top of your list, Inox Line is for you. It comes in frosted stainless steel with overhanging arms onto which you can attach a raised valance bearing your shop’s name. The Impero and Foriato models offer arms either handwrought into twists, or of gleaming brass. 

To close your shop is to close your awning, easily done either by hand crank or motor. All that is left to be seen is an almost invisible, minimalist cassette box - mounted on the wall - that hides the fabric and roller mechanisms. 

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