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Restaurant Awnings

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A comfortable outdoor extension: achieve this with Gibus restaurant awnings

Restaurant awnings are elegant, recognisable and functional structures. All this can be found in a “simple” fabric surface, which, alone, can greatly increase the seating capacity of a restaurant.

The minimalist design of Gibus awnings conceals patented technologies and top-quality materials.

All models of folding arm awnings for restaurants are guaranteed for 5 years.

The awnings are made of acrylic fabric or batch-dyed polyester. They are the best solution for withstanding wear and tear, inclement weather and UV rays.

The same resistance is provided by stainless steel or aluminium frames, with chromate conversion coating.

Quick and easy opening is ensured: choose from manual systems, motorized or automatic systems.

If the cover is only used at certain times of the day, the ideal solution is folding arm awnings, which disappear completely into a cassette in elegant and minimalist design.

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