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You have already added a veranda or Gibus pergola to expand your restaurant. By increasing the covered area it has successfully boosted your reputation and proceeds. Returning customers know they can always get a table last minute, new guests are enraptured by the sheltered space under which to dine in the open, come rain or shine. 

It is a shame if you cannot make the most of this new space all year round. With Gibus large glass windows for restaurants you can. They protect the outside terrace from wind, rain, UV rays, dust and even noise, adding transparent style to the restaurant’s look. 

Enhance the surrounding scenery with a sense of comfort and protection. Whichever model you choose, the tempered safety glass panels and transparent seals provide the “all glass” effect on all sides.

What sets Gibus’ two models of large glass windows for restaurants apart is their smooth and silent opening and closing systems.

  • In Skate the doors slide along a single, antifriction track and fold to close on one or two sides to open the area fully
  • In Glisse they slide along parallel stainless steel tracks. There are multiple options for opening them.

The doors come either with a satin glass motif or in extra transparent glass.

The weight of the panels in Skate is supported entirely on the ground, meaning maximum stability but requiring minimum maintenance. Glisse is defined by contrasting materials and attention to detail: the glass is adorned with powder-coated or silver-plated anodised aluminium and stainless steel knobs. 

Sheltered in the warmth before magnificent scenery, your customers will appreciate the flavours of your kitchen even more.

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