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  • typology: Public installation
  • place: Tišina, Slovenia
  • Installed Gibus products: Med country elite
  • Gibus Atelier: SENCILA RALUX D.O.O.
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Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
Immagine di anteprima (verticale)

Project needs
The management of this modern playschool wanted an efficient and functional type of shelter.  The main requirement was to guarantee the children safe areas for educational and teaching activities as well as for general play, while guaranteeing adequate protection from the sun and inclement weather conditions.  

Project features
From the very beginning, the best solution to satisfy the client’s requirements was the installation of four Med Country Elite awnings. The addition of these innovative structures brought this harmonious architectural project to life, as it blends in well with the natural surrounding environment. The use of PVC Opatex in the upper part of the structure created new protected outdoor zones.  The Commission’s requests were perfectly satisfied with the creation of new recreational areas in cohesion with green areas.
To guarantee complete safety for the children, the central column was elimated and all angles were rounded. The assembly of the project, which required a total of three working days, was fast and allowed the creation of four new Sun Rooms for the teachers and the little members of the playschool to carry out their daily activities.

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