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  • typology: Private residence
  • place: Valdengo, Biella
  • Installed Gibus products: Dim
  • Gibus Atelier: TESTEND
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Project needs
The Commission, owner of a villa with annexes, required protection for the latter from the sun’s heat.  In this particular case, the annexes consist of kitchen with living room, a screening room and a sauna, and are composed of 11 large glass windows facing out on to the swimming pool. 

Project features
The idea of installing an outdoor covering, rather than an indoor one, was due to the necessity of combatting the heat transmitted by the glass windows  and also to create indoor shade.
The commissioned Showroom realized that the best choice for this situation was to use DIM 6 drop awnings, which, with their rounded cassette, integrate perfectly with the rounded poles of the annexes.  The choice of Soltis 92 canvas blinds permitted the required shade as well as the maintenance of cool interiors, by blocking the heat of the suns rays.
All of the blinds are motorized with vary-function remote-controls to control the blinds either singularly or in sections, rendering them extremely versatile and easy-to-use by the owner.
The installation was simple and fast and required one day’s work using three employees.
With this installation the owner can completely enjoy the outdoor area of his home in comfort and protection.

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