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Contemporary Villa with Swimming Pool

  • typology: Private residence
  • place: Portorose - Slovenia
  • Installed Gibus products: Twist
  • Gibus Atelier: SENCILA RALUX D.O.O.
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Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
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Not only perfect for accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars and hotels, Gibus solution struly allow anyone to create a practical and functional Place under the Sun which can be used all year round, provide that feeling of maximum relaxation and deliver high levels of comfort, particularly in the summer season.

One of the best and most recent demonstrations of this versatility is the installation carried out at the home of Pavel Pirnat, in the splendid location of Portorož, a district of the Slovenian municipality of Piran, known for being one of the most beautiful beach resorts along the upper Adriatic coastline.
The holiday home, which already has a large garden area with pool and a wonderful view of the sea, has been further enhanced by a Med Twist bioclimatic pergola, one of the leading products in the Gibus catalogue.
“My goal,” explained the owner of the house, “was to have a versatile structure that was water resistant and could guarantee some welcome shade on sunny days.”
Characteristics that Twist offers in full: in addition to a main structure made of painted aluminium, which, thanks to its minimal and visually striking lines, gives any setting a touch of style, this pergola features a roof of tilting metal louvre blades. An innovation that, when put into action, provides the perfect microclimate in the underlying area and at the same time protects against the sun and rain. This is because the blades can be tilted to an angle from 0 to 135 degrees: by opening them slightly, pleasant, natural ventilation is assured; by orienting them to shield the sun and light, the space can be enjoyed with maximum serenity on the hottest days of the year. In the event of rain, instead, the blades can be positioned horizontally, providing the perfect roof cover, while the rainwater is drained into the rainwater channels integrated into the pergola structure.
“The added value of Gibus products”, explained Oton Filipič, owner of Ralux, the design studio in Nova Gorica which took care of the entire installation, “is the possibility of enhancing the structures with a series of accessories that increase comfort and liveability. In this particular case, we installed LED lighting and audio systems, and all at the speed these solutions have always allowed us to guarantee: at the home of Mr Pirnat, one day of work and three people were all that were needed. The owner of the house saw our offering at a trade fair in Ljubljana and was immediately impressed, considering it perfect for his needs, and when the work was completed he was further amazed by the quality of the product.”
Details that were also confirmed by Pirnat himself, “there were many factors that led me to choose Twist by Gibus, in particular the possibility of adjusting the tilting blades, the product’s water resistance and its design. This latter aspect is not to be underestimated – the pergola was a perfect match for the façade of the house, and if I had to give a rating to the pergola’s design, it couldn’t be anything but excellent.
Thanks to the perfect combination of efficiency, practicality, comfort and style, therefore, the aim of creating a Place under the Sun by Gibus has been successfully achieved. 

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“My goal, was to have a versatile structure that was water resistant and could guarantee some welcome shade on sunny days.”

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