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Contemporary Home

  • typology: Private residence
  • place: San Martino di Lupari (PD) - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Joy + Click Zip
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Give a whole new look to your home's outdoor area and, at the same time, create a brand new room that can be enjoyed all year long: that's what can be achieved when you choose to install a Gibus pergola.

This type of solution is easily adaptable to any residential context, as demonstrated by the installation carried out last May at the home of Marco Squizzato: “My house has a 6-meter-long floor-to-ceiling window onto the back yard – says the owner –. The main goal was to create a shaded area that could be used during the warmer months, while also exploiting sunlight to the fullest in winter. For some time, I had used an awning. But I was looking for a permanent structure, so I ultimately decided to put in a pergola”.

After considering a number of possibilities, Mr. Squizzato opted for a product by Gibus: “I knew the brand and, thanks to my own technical knowledge, I was able to compare materials and technologies: Gibus was clearly the superior product.”

The next step was contacting the nearest dealer, Cocco Tende in Castelfranco Veneto, outside Treviso, which handled the installation. “We considered a number of possibilities – said dealership owner Cocco – including the Twist pergola, but we ultimately concluded that Joy was the product which best suited the customer's needs.”

Med Joy is the new bioclimatic pergola with a clean and uncluttered design that encapsulates the best characteristics of the Gibus brand: contemporary, on-trend lines and exceptional performance. The roof features adjustable blades which, using two linear motors, can be set at any angle between zero and 120 degrees. This allows the possibility of letting in a gentle and pleasant breeze, creating an ideal microclimate even on the hottest of days. Once closed, instead, the blades ensure full protection from the elements and from insects.

“We used a double module attached to the house's wall – Cocco explains – and included two side closures to make sure the pergola could be enjoyed all year long. The interior was also fitted with LED lighting. Like all Gibus products, Joy too proved extremely versatile: we found ourselves needing to create a central support bar to anchor the pergola to the lintel, and the structure allowed us to do so without any problems.” Nor did this affect operating times: the full installation of the pergola was completed in just one working day, by a four-person team.

Mr. Squizzato claims he is “highly satisfied” with the end result: “Now I have a Place under the sun that can be enjoyed all year long, and I also really love the design!”

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The main goal was to create a shaded area that could be used during the warmer months, while also exploiting sunlight to the fullest in winter.


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