Awnings and blinds
Velvet bioclimatic pergola
with packable blades.

Velvet has two degrees of freedom: the blades can rotate according to the orientation of the sun or be wrapped completely and free your gaze to the sky.

One pergola,
a thousand possibilities.

The well-being of a design product
made with the best materials.
Made in Italy, characterized by
highest Gibus technology.


Available in two models.

Velvet: pergola with adjustable and packable blades

Velvet Plus: with vertical screens integrated in the structure and possibility to add packable windows

Adjustable and packable blades

Thanks to the Velvet Motion patent, the blades can rotate according to the orientation of the sun at an angle varying from 0° to 85°, creating a comfortable microclimate, or they can be wrapped up completely and free your gaze towards the sky.

Integrated Shielding

In the Velvet Plus model, it is possible to integrate both vertical shading and packable glass walls into the pergola.

LED lighting

Both models incorporate spot lighting on the blades and perimeter and color-changing rgb led strips into the structure.

A customizable space, which is shaped
on desires and needs.
Designed to meet all necessities,
Velvet creates places of perfect well-being.
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Why choose Velvet
Comfort and well-being
Live outdoors, protected from the sun's radiation, in the luxury of a custom-built solution.
Reduce expenses and heat in your home by controlling interior brightness while respecting the environment.
Extra space
Make use of the space available to you by creating a new environment for your everyday life.
Certified Excellence
Protect yourself with a trusted and guaranteed brand with high-end products.
Made in Italy
Our products are designed and manufactured 100% in Italy, in our headquarters in the province of Padua.
Design and Technology
Our R&D department is dedicated to the research and development of increasingly technological products, with a focus on their design.
You control it

You can manage your Gibus product either through the supplied remote control or through our Gibus Connect App.

Thanks to the sun, rain and wind sensors, the products respond autonomously to atmospheric agents, leaving you only to worry about enjoying your new wellness space to the full.

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