Awnings and blinds

An elegant villa

Type: Home projectsLocation: Beaulieu-sur-Mer - FranceInstalled products: Arm awnings
Beauty and relax between sky and waves

Protected by the exclusive TXT arm awnings, the large terraces of this elegant villa on the French Riviera are the ideal place to experience satisfying moments of well-being en plein air, surrounded by lush nature.

The TXT arm awnings aren’t only functional structures, but real outdoor furnishing accessories, fitting naturally and discreetly into the composition of the building, giving it a further touch of elegance.

The sober linear volumes follow the natural slope of Mount Saint Michel, creating splendid terraces surrounded by native and exotic plants, which enhance the surrounding lush Mediterranean landscape. Facing south towards the sun and the Ligurian Sea, evocative fully glazed walls and balustrades allow the gaze to get lost among the waves and the clouds.

Softened by the graceful linear design of the blades, the TXT boxes lightly mark the overhanging structures, making the edges of the construction lighter; the thin metal arms, characterized by a clean and essential aesthetic, extend towards the sky, unfolding the fabric like sails to the wind.

The silent movement of the TXT models allows you to precisely adjust the shaded area, depending on the climatic conditions and solar radiation, to provide the most convenient shade control, guaranteeing maximum usability of outdoor spaces and the best thermal comfort in the indoor areas, more protected, on the hottest days, by completely extended awnings. This last functionality is also enhanced by the presence of the front roll-up Valance, which provides sun protection as the sun drifts lower in the sky.