Awnings and blinds


The smart bioclimatic pergola
Light shape, smart solution

Thanks to its delicate elegance, the result of the perfect balance between slender volumes and the purity of design, Movie is the ideal solution for transforming small outdoor areas into enchanting and enjoyable spaces; with the addition of exceptional comfort, guaranteed by the possibility of managing the pergola remotely by a simple App.


Movie is the smart bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades.

It can provide for even more shelter by adding sliding doors and zip screens on the front sides to get the desired comfort conditions at all times. For an even more versatile use, it can also be equipped with LED lighting (the spot lights can be integrated into the slats or perimeter strips), which is the ideal for shedding light under the structure from sunset, creating evocative atmospheres to enjoy alone or in company.

It is natively connected and equipped with a dedicated App. It can also be managed via home automation.

Adjustable blades

The blades can rotate from 0° to 115°, mitigating the intensity of the sun’s rays or protecting from wind and rain.

Dedicated App

You can control Movie either through the supplied remote control or through the dedicated App.

LED lighting

The model integrates spot lights into the blades and RGB LED strips, which can change their color.

Light elegance, the result of pure and essential aesthetics.
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Movie is natively connected

In fact, it has a dedicated App. It can be controlled via remote control and very easily with your smartphone while you are on holidays, at work, inside your home or anywhere.

Furthermore, it can also be managed via home automation without the addition of further control units.

Why choose Movie
Comfort and well-being
Live outdoors, protected from the sun's radiation, in the luxury of a custom-built solution.
Reduce expenses and heat in your home by controlling interior brightness while respecting the environment.
Extra space
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Certified Excellence
Protect yourself with a trusted and guaranteed brand with high-end products.
Made in Italy
Our products are designed and manufactured 100% in Italy, in our headquarters in the province of Padua.
Design and Technology
Our R&D department is dedicated to the research and development of increasingly technological products, with a focus on their design.
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Blade Seal

Blades sealing system with special rubber gasket to grant a perfect air-and waterproof.

Quick Assembly
Side Seal