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Energy Pergola

Sustainable and
renewable spaces

With Energy Pergola, the benefits of outdoor living are reflected in the environment by generating sustainable and renewable spaces.
A single product combines the functions of comfort and shelter typical of bioclimatic pergolas with the possibility of using sunlight as a source of energy production thanks to the photovoltaic modules at the core of this technological innovation.

Comfort and solar energy
When the installation is complete, the context is not altered, the visual perception remains harmonious and pleasant with the difference that the building has an outstanding energy performance.
The advantage of caring for the spaces we live in
The energy of a special place

Energy Pergola integrates with your photovoltaic system, be it on-site exchange, with storage or hybrid, and is also able to achieve the energy autonomy required by its options.

Why choose Energy Pergola?
It produces Energy
Photovoltaic modules capture sunlight and become generators of clean, renewable energy.
It is sustainable
The energy independence, the materials and the technologies used promote a new way of experiencing the outdoors that is increasingly environmentally friendly.
It generates well-being
Living in contact with nature guarantees moments of genuine well-being.
It protects against atmospheric agents
Bioclimatic roofing solutions have the ability to regulate the microclimate of the environment below by creating natural ventilation.
Permits and

Whatever your needs, we are here to help you realise your new place of well-being.

Who can assist
me with planning
and installation?

Gibus Ateliers are trained and specialised resellers,
over 400 of them worldwide; they are ready to provide you with the best support in choosing, designing and installing your product.

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We are the first to be satisfied and certain of the quality of our products, for this reason we give you a five-year guarantee. The guarantee terms are specified in detail in the “use and maintenance” manual that accompanies each product.

Safe Blade

An advanced, patented system for controlling movement in the louvres that block out the sun. If an unusual object gets in the way of the pergola, it prevents movement by immediately stopping the motor.

Quick Assembly
Twist Motion
Side Seal
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