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Zip screens for windows

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A window can extend or protect an interior space, opening up towards a landscape while maintaining the ideal temperature in the home. Gibus zip screens for windows enhance these qualities: you can choose them to suit the season, the orientation of your home, and your preferences or habits.

A zip screen is a special type of awning: the fabric, wrapped around a roller, falls and unrolls vertically due to gravity, but it is firmly anchored to lateral aluminium guides. These guides contain a PVC profile with a zip (just like a clothes zip) fastened to the sides of the fabric. The zip ensures that these screens for windows are highly resistant to the wind. They are the most effective of all Gibus vertical drop awnings.

They are just as efficient in providing protection against sunlight and its heat. Depending on the fabric you choose, zip screens can offer various functions: in a blackout or shading version or in Cristal PVC, which is as transparent as glass. A "simple" awning has the same effect as Venetian blind slats, roller shutters or shutters. Moreover, you can choose a touch of style, thanks to a wide range of colours, to give a façade distinct appeal.

Two models, 13.QU and 11.QU, house the fabric wrapped around the roller in an extruded aluminium cassette box with a square cross-section, in a simple elegant design.

The latest zip screens have an exclusive feature: a built-in magnetic lock. This solution, patented by Gibus, has led to the creation of the Click Zip line. Two magnets on each side keep the awning tensioned and firmly in place even in strong winds. This important and almost invisible value-added feature reinforces the minimalist appeal of these awnings.

Magneto cassette boxes come in three sizes, each one with different maximum dimensions for the awning. And if the window is positioned in a niche of the façade, a version without a cassette box is available.

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