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Screens for verandas

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Verandah awnings are the transparent yet sheltered space that expands your home and adds a valuable “room with a view”: an area loved by all the family. You want to spend as much time there as you can, including in the height of summer; yet the sun’s burning rays can make the room behind the veranda pergola unbearably warm.

Perhaps covering the roof with a Gibus tension awning is not enough. Consider closing off the sides with a screen for verandas that shades and blocks the sun. A vertical drop awning can be as taut as a solid wall with our solution: the Zip system, which is fastened to side guides at one edge and the fabric at the other, and to stainless steel springs.

The polyester shading fabric is micro-porous, meaning it effectively screens out the sun’s rays without blocking the view of the surrounding area. The blocking fabric, coated in PVC, protects against the sun’s rays and blocks out heat. Your veranda remains a fresh and pleasant place to pass the time.

Screens for verandas are stored and protected inside a square-shaped box. A retracted awning is practically as invisible as its extended design is light and smart. The cassette box is made of powder-coated aluminium, giving it long-term resistance to weathering.

The 11.QU and 13.QU models are distinguishable by their sizes. With Duetto you have the option to add an internal, transparent Cristal 500 screen to the blocking or shading screen, adding shelter from the rain and wind, to protect against heat and sunlight.

A brand new addition to the screens for verandas range is Click Zip. Its integrated magnetic locks hold strong against even the strongest gust of wind. They are best suited to larger verandas and their cassette boxes come in three different sizes.

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