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Bioclimatic Verandas

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The term “bioclimatic” includes a promise: to create the best microclimate in a natural way, according to weather conditions, with minimum energy consumption.

Gibus bioclimatic verandas keep this promise thanks to a simple smart invention, a cover with adjustable louvres. When closed in the horizontal position, they provide protection against sunlight and shade on the hottest days; when open, they vary the light and heat depending on their orientation, ranging from 0° to 135°, and move the air by providing a natural light breeze.

A bioclimatic veranda is an additional room for a home, a bar, a restaurant or a hotel, where it integrates harmoniously with its light minimalist lines. It is a room that can be used intensively all day and all year round, even in winter. Simply close it at the sides choosing from one of the many Gibus solutions: sliding glass doors that protect against the rain and wind and leave the entire width of the view, or a vertical drop zip screen, also available in a blackout or shading effect version.

Add to the comfort and liveability of your new room with a low-energy LED lighting system or a Gibus electric heater. You will find it so comfortable that it will become your favourite room.

Attractive to the eye, comfortable to use and easy to manage. All Gibus bioclimatic verandas are fitted with a motorized movement system for the aluminium louvres of the cover. With a huge choice of optional automatic devices, a veranda self-adjusts the microclimate according to changing weather conditions.

Everyone can choose from the many solutions in the two lines, Varia and Twist, to create their own bioclimatic veranda: a leaning, free-standing, single-module or multi-module version. Bioclimatic verandas are definitely the most customisable and the most modular Gibus products! They are all available in hard-wearing materials made to last a lifetime, with exclusive and patented technological solutions for perfect operation. Always!

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