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Awnings for veranda

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Installing a pergola veranda will change your daily life at home. Finally you can have the extra space you always wanted, sheltered yet open at the same time. A garden lounge, a breakfast room by the sea, a study just for you. It is a shame that just when the weather is at its best and you want to make the most of the outdoors, the veranda is too hot.

Avoid your outdoor living room from turning into a greenhouse by covering it with a tension awning. The shading polyester fabric protects against the sun's rays and blocks out the heat so that your veranda stays comfortable even on the hottest days.

All Gibus tension awnings are Zerogradi, thus a perfect match for glass or polycarbonate coverings, including skylights and veranda pergolas. When closed, the awning is hidden and protected within an aluminium box. Open, it runs along side guides, always held perfectly taut by gas springs and retraction cables. 

The two available versions, Zip and Slide, are distinguishable by their guide systems: in Zip the fabric is fastened to the far ends of the awning’s cross beam; in Slide the awning can extend widthways beyond the retraction guides by up to 50 cm.

As standard, tension awnings are supplied with a motorised system that opens and closes them in a matter of moments. If you choose to add sun and wind sensors, you will never again worry about controlling the awning yourself. The sensors allow it to open and close intelligently, even when you are not home.

All materials used in our tension awnings are of the highest quality: the coverings are polyester, the bolts stainless steel, the cassette box and all other exposed elements constructed with powder-coated aluminium extrusions.

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