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Vertical drop awnings for terraces

The view from your terrace might be spectacular but there are days or moments when you need to “draw the curtains” on the beating sun. Gibus’ vertical drop awnings solve this problem: they shade and block to ensure the terrace or inside space behind it stays naturally comfortable and cool - no need for air conditioning. How cool and how much shade depends on your chosen fabric and its weight, thickness and colour. 

There are so many vertical drop awnings for terraces. Tolo CL falls freely down to its magnetic base, which allows you to fasten it to the ground or balustrade. Its cradle-like shape hugs the awning beam to keep the fabric taut. The awning and all the mechanics for its motor retract inside an aluminium cassette so that, from outside, practically nothing is left in sight. This sums up the minimalist charm of all Gibus sun awnings.

Teka is also graced with a cassette box, both beautiful to look at and effective in protecting the awning.  Choose your preferred colour and one of eight valance designs available for all our vertical drop awnings: shade your terrace in a style that blends seamlessly with your home and create a relaxing outdoor lounge.

The SP model vertical drop awning is also minimalist in style and easy to install, best suited for terraces that only require the closure of one wall. The fabric retracts around a roller by using a hand crank or motor. The roll can be encased in a protective roof.

Perhaps you enjoy your terrace so much that you want to get out there even in winter. In this case, Duetto is for you. It is a vertical drop awning in two parts: the acrylic or polyester external layer shelters you from summer heat; inside is a robust Cristal 500 material that protects against cold, wind and rain without obstructing the winter panorama.

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