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Terrace shade sails

  • Terrace shade sails
  • Terrace shade sails


With a shade sail, you can have lunch outdoors even in the mid-August sun.
With a shade sail, a terrace can be transformed into an elegant living space for use on social occasions.
With a shade sail, a party on the terrace becomes the setting for a memorable event.

A Gibus shade sail can make amazing changes to your terrace. One of the most ancient types of protection of Mediterranean civilization, it is so simple and minimalist that it naturally blends in well with any building and architectural style.  A white shade sail, or in one of the many colours available in the range, gives a terrace a touch of light yet unmistakable style.

Terrace shade sails provide effective protection against the sun and are as beautiful as sculptures.

You can mount the shade sail against a wall to create a protected space between indoors and outdoors, or choose a free-standing shade sail, with four polished steel masts. 

With any model, you can rely on the sturdiness and safety of our terrace shade sails, designed to protect you for a very long time.

They are made of polyester sailcloth fabric, with radial seams just like nautical sails. The boom, masts and tension wires are made of stainless steel. The shade sail is always perfectly tensioned. And everything is visible, just like the most elegant sailing boats.

A shade sail is quick and simple to open, since all models are fitted with a motorized system. And if the wind suddenly gets up, don't worry! The shade sail will automatically close thanks to a mandatory anemometer. 


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