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  • Terrace awnings
  • Terrace awnings

A balcony garden or a small terrace is surely one of the happiest spaces in your home and you want to spend as much time there as possible. However stunning the space, an awning could vastly improve your comfort there. When the sun beats down, extend your awning in seconds with a manual crank or electric tubular motor. Get the benefit of refreshing shade without relinquishing the naturally invigorating breeze both on the terrace and in the room that overlooks it. And by reducing the need for air conditioning, you will save on energy bills too.

Contemporary designs integrate seamlessly with the most panoramic part of your house. The slender form of a Gibus terrace awning can be customised with a vast choice of colours. Select the model according to the dimensions and style your terrace requires: Segno has a diamond-patterned front. Scrigno extends to a maximum of 7.10 metres. For larger terraces, SP 50 Q reaches 16.5 metres to cover an area of 82.5 square metres. For smaller terraces there is Combi 250; fine, simple, petite.

The steel arms hold the acrylic fabric perfectly smooth when extended. When retracted, the awnings can be stowed inside aluminium casing fixed to the wall to protect them against damaging environmental factors. The casing encloses the canopy entirely, for an elegant, discreet finish. If you select an awning without cassette box, the retracted fabric remains in sight but you may choose to protect it with a protective roof. When extended, add one of eight available valances to your awning, with options to fulfil preferences for simplicity, extravagance and everything in between.

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