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Zip closure for porticos

  • Zip closure for porticos

Whether large or small, a portico is always an additional room, full of air and light. It may even offer a wonderful view that makes us feel at peace with the world. Therefore, we would like to enjoy it even in the hottest and coldest months.

A Gibus zip screen system is ideal for a portico. In summer, blackout fabric provides protection against all sunlight and keeps the space cool. In winter, a Cristal PVC closing system protects against the wind and rain while still leaving you a clear view.

The zip makes these closing systems special and resistant. Together with stainless steel springs, it keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned, even in strong wind.

Zip screens for porticos are ideal for all settings, since they have a simple minimalist design. The only visible part is the elegant square-section cassette of the 11. QU and 13. QU models, which houses the fabric that is wrapped around the roller, ready to descend vertically on opening.

With your choice of fabric, you can adapt the zip system in terms of functionality and style: versions include blackout, shading, transparent Cristal PVC and insect screen, available in a wide range of colours.

The latest zip screen system on the market, the Click Zip line is ideal for porticos beaten by the wind: a built-in magnetic lock, patented by Gibus, anchors the fabric with four magnets at the base of the front profile and at the base of the guides. The fabric is prevented from swelling up and the front profile from lifting up.

Larger porticos can also be fitted with a Magneto zip closing system: cassettes come in 3 different sizes; each one has different maximum dimensions for the awning.

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