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Vertical drop awnings for porticos

  • Vertical drop awnings for porticos
  • Vertical drop awnings for porticos

Porticos already constitute an extension of the home, a space somewhere between the intimacy of inside and the wilderness outside, sheltered from the sun, wind and rain. Yet there will always be times when you want even more protection: perhaps in the hottest hours of intense summer days. A Gibus vertical drop awning is the protective screen around your well-being, keeping out the sun’s damaging rays.

Our vertical drop awnings for porticos are almost invisible when retracted inside their smart, minimalist aluminium cassette box or around a roller mounted subtly on the wall. Extended they are yet more attractive: a fabric in the colour that best suits your portico, a beam that descends vertically and holds the fabric taut and wind resistant, a linear-style or softly embellished valance.

This smart minimalism is made up of premium quality materials, chosen and treated to ensure they are resistant to weathering: powder-coated aluminium extrusions, tailored acrylic with a 10-year guarantee, robust weather- and UV-resistant polyester. Our shading fabrics are crush-proof and microporous. They bring cooling shade without blocking your view.  Our PVC-coated blocking fabrics shut out heat and are totally waterproof.

There are five models in the vertical drop awnings for porticos range: the robust Tolo and vast DIM, the simple and easy-to-install SP, the doubly protective Duetto.

Your vertical drop awnings opens and closes in the blink of an eye, either by hand crank or motorised control, depending on the model you choose. Or, if you decide to add sun and wind sensors, the awning operates intelligently on its own: a passing cloud will not activate the sensors, but a strong gust of wind will, even if you are not at home.

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