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Glass doors for porticos

  • Glass doors for porticos

The portico is a place to enjoy comfort and the pleasure of life in the open air. Shelter from the sun when it beats too strongly or from the rain as it pours down, but retain the beautiful view: enjoy the scenery without being battered by the wind or beaten with the cold.

Gibus glass doors for porticos are the answer. Transform your portico into an extra room with Gibus sliding glass doors: warm and protected, a glass room with a view.

The tempered safety glass windows close the sides of the portico in two ways: In Skate they run along a single, antifriction track. The final panel folds away on one or two sides to open up the terrace entirely. In Glisse they run along several parallel stainless steel tracks, with customisable options for opening the windows according to the number of panels you install. Whichever model you select, the “all glass” effect is guaranteed by the transparent seals that keep out wind and rain, and the absence of obstructive aluminium poles. Not even condensation can ruin the scenery, as all the large glass windows direct moisture outside.

Skate is the “panels only” solution. All its weight is supported on the ground, making it truly stable even without bearings or supporting pillars. You can fully open up the sides, so it is perfect for welcoming large crowds. 

Glisse is defined by a combination of strong materials and attention to detail. It is available in extra transparent or with a satin glass motif and comes with anodised aluminium and stainless steel knobs as standard, with the option to add further knobs inside.

Practical, strong, invisible, noiseless. Only the sense of welcoming protection will remind you there are transparent windows between you and the scenery.

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