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Canopy Awnings for Porticos

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A key design feature to homes and businesses has always been an area that allows you to stay out in the open but sheltered from sun, rain and wind.  The portico is all about design and aesthetics, a contrast of walls and archways, the implication of a warm welcome over a doorstep.

Simply put, it is beauty and practicality rolled into one. Gibus canopy awnings for porticos transform this classic duo, with an extensive range of shapes and colours. 

You could choose a simply canopy awning such as Base, or a wider style like Compasso or Proporzionale. Perhaps your portico is in an area of classical, historic architecture. Tondo has a traditional style that blends smoothly into its charming surroundings. Or go for something completely different with Semitondo or Raggiato.

Gibus canopy awnings compliment your portico and the building behind it. A range of colours is available, with eight standard choices of valance, a striking addition that will turn heads from miles away.

Make your portico something to be proud of time and again. The powder-coated aluminium extrusion frame has an added chromate conversion coating. This treatment protects the mechanisms that open and close the awning, making them more resistant to rain, UV rays, corrosion and weathering. As standard, the fabrics are supplied in acrylic or polyester with a 5-year guarantee against small tears resulting from canopy retraction or strong winds.  Fabric of even stronger calibre is available upon request.

As standard, canopy Awnings for Porticos are extended and retracted with a manual cable system or upon request supplied with a crank or motorised system.  Effortlessly unfold the canopy’s charm and extend the shelter of your portico.


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