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Sloped roof pergolas for pools

  • Sloped roof pergola for pools
  • Sloped roof pergolas for pools
  • Sloped roof pergolas for pools
  • Sloped roof pergolas for pools

Uniting house and pool, a sloped roof pergola makes the best spot in the garden even better. Continue to admire the beautiful view, but stay protected against UV rays or summer storms. A space for relaxing, for sharing food, for celebrations.

Sloped roof pergolas for pools are covered with waterproof PVC shading coverings, supported by aluminium beams. Add character to your garden with a leaning pergola inspired by Mediterranean tradition. This Gibus reversioning comes in many models, all of a minimalist elegance: simple geometries contrasted against a blue backdrop of sky and water.

Distinctive features define each model. Med Luce blends aptly into vast poolside spaces. The design of a cross effect, formed by overlapping legs and horizontal tracks, compliments a wide panoramic opening unobstructed by beams or pillars.

Med Viva and Med Quadra are defined as the most charming models for your pool by their diamond-patterned front. Sliding closed the large glass windows transforms Med Viva into a transparent lounge that shuts out wind and rain.

Wind and humidity are no threat to the pergolas’ highly resistant materials: powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, strong PVC fabric.

Sloping pergolas for pools are the ideal location for absolute relaxation where you can pass the days without a care in the world. All models come with motorised systems and sun and wind sensors that automatically open and close the canopy in synch with the weather. Use Home Control to adjust the brightness of the pergola’s integrated LED lighting systems and stay by the pool even after sunset.

Or, every now and then, shut off all the lights, open up the covering and admire the starlit night.

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