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Shade sails for pools

  • Shade sails for pool
  • Shade sails for pool

A pool: a place where air, water, heat and light are combined to offer the body and the senses an exceptional wellness experience, which we would like to continue for as long as possible. A shade sail offers shade in these delightful lingering moments.

You can have an experience just like being on a boat: the polyester sailcloth is always perfectly tensioned thanks to radial seams, a stainless steel boom with the shade sail wrapped around it, tension wires, masts, cables and visible movement systems. And its light sinuous shapes will recall the wind.

Protection against the sun is ensured under a shade sail. 

Gibus shade sails for pools come in a wide range of options: you can choose a leaning or free-standing model, with four masts, with a simple single shade sail or with the rhythm and dynamic appeal of a shade sail composition. The line with nautical appeal is called Velenda Libre.

All of them have a motorized opening and closing system: in just a few seconds the shade sail wraps around the boom or extends perfectly tensioned by steel cables. And if the wind suddenly gets up, the shade sail will automatically close thanks to a mandatory anemometer.

The materials used for shade sails for pools are highly resistant and made to offer you many beautiful seasons: lightweight yet strong polyester sailcloth, which does not yield at any point and retains the elegant profile of the shade sail, a waterproof coating to protect from the rain, with masts, tension wires and fixings all made of stainless steel.

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