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Bioclimatic pergolas for pools

  • Bioclimatic pergola for pools
  • Bioclimatic pergola for pools
  • Bioclimatic pergola for pools
  • outdoor pool
  • Bioclimatic pergola for pools


A blue expanse of pool in front of you, fresh air and an open view around you, and refreshing shade above you while a light breeze blows. What more could you ask for when having an energising swim or a spot of relaxation sheltered from the strongest sunlight? A Gibus bioclimatic pergola can offer all this for a pool: a very long day spent outdoors, until late at night.

You decide how much sun and how much light you want under your pergola: the aluminium louvres of the cover can be adjusted from 0° to 135°. When closed, they completely shield you from the sun and provide shelter from the rain; when open at 45°, they create a light breeze. Beyond the vertical position, they allow full sunlight to filter through.  Their movements are remote controlled.

The minimalist lines of the two lines of bioclimatic pergolas for pools, Med Varia and Med Twist, are inspired by the most ancient shelters in the Mediterranean world while combining contemporary materials and technologies: a powder-coated extruded aluminium frame that is resistant to corrosion and weathering, including salt fog; motorized movements and optional automatic devices that make the pergola fully self-adjusting. The only thing you need to do is completely relax.

You can close the sides of a pergola to create a real outdoor living room: for example, with a Gibus sliding glass door system that provides shelter from the rain and wind without sacrificing the wonderful view.

Yes, a “living room”! Because bioclimatic pergolas for pools are also extremely attractive: just a few narrow lines stand out against the sky, perfectly blending in with the architecture and landscape. And you can enjoy them by day and night. Simply add a Gibus low-power LED lighting system to obtain diffused light for an evening with the family, or highly attractive coloured rays of light for your liveliest pool parties.


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