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Awnings for swimming pools

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To perfect a comfortable, relaxing day by the pool you need some moments of calm, sat in the shade and brushed by a fresh breeze. After diving in for a swim, stretch yourself out in the shady spot under an awning for a quick nap, a bit of reading or perhaps a snack.

Gibus self-supporting and leaning awnings for swimming pools are the only way to spend a welcome break during those long, sunny pool days. The fine frames allow you to open and close them with ease, either with a manual crank or an electric tubular motor. If you choose to add sun and wind sensors, the awning extends and retracts automatically with the changing weather.

Our awnings for swimming pools: practical, comfortable, safe and stunning. They are the essence of discreet elegance down to the very last detail. Even the cassette box is part of the design, with the rectangular Segno, the round, compact Duck, the D-shaped Didue or the oval Scrigno. Those without cassette box are simple and fine and though the roll of fabric remains in sight it is robust and strong. They can also be wide: SP 50 Q  for example has a double, rectangular bar that can extend over an area of 82.5 square metres.

Extended, it shelters your most wonderful and carefree moments from the burning sun. Powder-coated aluminium extrusion frames in awnings for swimming pools make them resistant to aggressive environmental factors, including salty sea air. The fabric is available in acrylic or in 5-year guaranteed polyester. There is wide range of colour choice too: the awning for your pool already exists, and is ready for your selection.

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