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Zip screens for large glass windows

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A beautiful sliding glass window system is a dream come true: you can spend time admiring the landscape and nature, enjoying the light and the view while protected in any season. You can also do this in summer, when the blazing sun is overhead and the indoor space is at risk of overheating. In this type of situation, Gibus zip screens for large glass windows offer the utmost protection.

What is a zip screen? It is much more than a simple awning. It not only has the lightness and minimalist design of an awning but also many hidden technological details that make it effective, sturdy and safe.

The most important one is the zip: one side is fixed to the lateral guides and the other to the fabric, so it always keeps the awning perfectly tensioned and wind resistant, even when the glass window is very large.

The two models, 13.QU and 11.QU, are named after the extruded aluminium cassette box with a square cross-section, which houses the fabric wrapped around a roller. The awning descends vertically along the lateral aluminium guides, tensioned by the zip and by stainless steel springs.

The zip screens for your large glass windows can meet various requirements: they can blackout the interior space, provide intense or light shade, or protect it against inclement weather while providing a clear view. Just choose the best fabric for your needs.

You can gain a living space while saving energy because a well-shielded large glass window system means that rooms are naturally cooler and air-conditioning costs are reduced.

The zip screens in the new Click Zip line are highly attractive, functional and minimalist just like all the other zip screens, but they are even more resistant to the wind. With a built-in magnetic lock, the awning does not move, not even in strong wind.

Does your large glass window appear to be too large for an awning? Click Zip cassette boxes come in three sizes, each one with different maximum dimensions for the awning.

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