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Vertical awnings for large windows

  • Vertical awnings for large windows
  • Vertical awning for large windows

The beauty of large glass windows is their light appearance and transparency. By occupying minimal space - practically invisible to the eye - they offer a wealth of advantages.  These are advantages that you can enjoy provided the sun is not beating down too hard - but in summer, that indoor space can get too hot and make spending time there unbearable, or otherwise require you to spend a fortune on air conditioning.

Gibus vertical drop awnings for large glass windows have been designed for the purpose of keeping indoor spaces fresh and shaded but without infringing on the view of the outdoors or the elegant design and shape of the structure.

Vertical drop awnings are a second, very fine wall that descends parallel to the large glass window to protect you from the heat and light, to an extent chosen by you. All you have to do is choose the fabric, with a higher or lower filtering quality. The awnings are a natural air conditioner and can lower the temperature inside by several degrees, thus reducing energy consumption.

The front beam on all our models of vertical drop awnings for large glass windows hold the fabric perfectly taut, just like a screen. However, the ways in which the awnings extend and lock in place can change. The Tolo model has 5 modes to accommodate all your needs: it can run on stainless steel side guides, fall freely or extend on telescopic side arms; it can have automatic locks when partially open or magnetic feet and front lock for better resistance to the wind.  When retracted, the cassette box houses everything leaving not even a bolt in sight.

For medium to large glass windows, Dim is the ideal model. Available with or without cassette box, it is a robust vertical drop awning that runs on aluminium side guides to ensure the fabric extends perfectly and protects against the sun.

All vertical drop awnings for large glass windows can be motorised: one click and just a few seconds are all that is needed to protect you from the sun’s rays, even in the most exposed locations. They are all made of robust technical fabrics that are weather resistant. The shading fabrics are crush-proof and microporous so as not to block the view of the outdoors. The blocking fabrics have an inside PVC coating to block out heat. They are also waterproof.

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