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Arm awnings for large windows

  • Arm awning for large windows
  • Arm awning for glass windows

Winter is the season when your large glass windows are most enjoyable: these transparent walls give you light and sky, opening up the view to the landscape but all while sheltering you from the wind and the cold. Even on the shortest days, the light they let in carries a spirit of optimism and energy with it. However, when the indoor space is flooded with light in summer, it can quickly overheat and become insufferable, especially when the sun is at its peak.

Functional, practical and elegant, Gibus folding arm awnings for large glass windows have the solution.

Functional because however much light and heat you wish to screen out, they promise to fulfil your desire. Just choose the best fabric for your needs, to regulate and filter the sun’s rays. They can lower the temperature inside by several degrees, thus reducing or eliminating the electrical consumption air conditioning uses. Within the large glass windows, life continues in the peace and the shade.

Practical because opening a folding arm awning for large glass windows is always quick and easy, whether yours is operated by a manual crank or by an electric tubular motor. Just a few seconds and the arms completely extend the fabric.  If you choose to install wind sensors, the awning retracts automatically when a gust exceeds the maximum wind speed threshold. This makes all our awnings safe, especially the largest versions.

Elegant because all Gibus folding arm awnings are beautiful and colourful when open and practically invisible when closed. For those that come with cassette box, the box design gives each model a unique personality: Segno is rectangular, Duck rounded and compact, Didue the form of a D, Scrigno oval-shaped.

The extruded aluminium cassette box is powder-coated and encases the awning, protecting it from all forms of weathering. For those that do not come with cassette box, we can provide a protective roof fastened to the wall. But whichever folding arm awning you choose, it will stay like new and continue to shade you from the sun in beauty and style for many years to come.

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