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90° pergolas for glass windows

  • leaning pergola
  • leaning pergola


Large glass windows are invisible walls that allow you to open up your home or public place onto the countryside. A 90° pergola protects guests underneath and allows you to stay outside longer regardless of the changing weather, all within an elegant, geometrical frame. Nothing obstructs the view, but you are free to enjoy it for longer.

All 90° Gibus pergolas have a PVC fabric that provides total protection from UV rays and on summer maintains a comfortable temperature within. Don’t give a second thought to staying outside for longer, and save energy too. When it rains, the waterproof fabric effectively protects you while it deflects rainwater towards the ground.

The powder-coated aluminium extrusion frame comes in two weather-resistant shapes for 90° pergolas with large glass windows: 

  • Zenit, whose sides descend from the covering perimeter
  • Medisolafly and Med Open Fly, whose legs and horizontal tracks overlap to form a cross effect.

The minimalist elegance in each product blends seamlessly with the style of any building, whether a traditional country home or a contemporary seaside villa. The sophisticated technology for extending and retracting the fabric coverings is hidden entirely from view.

The stainless steel pantograph cover opening system in Mediosolafly and Med Open Fly makes them perfect for summer. Enjoy Zenit all year round: large glass windows or zip closure systems create a new room for the house that shuts out the cold and wind. A single module pergola can cover up to 50 square metres of space.  Light up your new room by evening with LED lights integrated into the frame: stay out late without the concern of excessive energy consumption.


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