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Large window

A large window frames nature, the landscape and a garden just like a colourful painting. The painting alters with the changing seasons: you can always admire it in perfect conditions of temperature and light.

Gibus awnings for large glass windows offer the ideal amount of adjustable protection from sunlight and inclement weather. Complying with the European standard UNI EN 13561, they also withstand strong gusts of wind.

What a vast number of models! Large window awnings, available in various dimensions, also include vertical drop awnings with square- or circular-section cassette boxes, which house and protect the fabric. When fitted with cantilever arms, they allow you to adjust the amount of light to be filtered through.



Folding arm awnings can also be used as covers for large glass windows. A cassette box houses the rolled up fabric and the extendable arms. The arms allow you to vary the tilt of the awning, adjusting the amount of shade and light.

When you install protection for a pergola with a large sliding glass door, you extend the space where you can experience moments of wellbeing outdoors. If you have a bioclimatic pergola, which naturally adjusts the temperature and light, the space can be used all year round.

All large window awnings are made of materials that are highly resistant to external agents. These include powder-coated aluminium and the movement system functions, which are either manual or motorized.

Special feature on architects

Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.

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