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Garden shade sails

  • Garden shade sails
  • Garden shade sails

If your garden is already the most charming outdoor extension of your home, a Gibus shade sail can become a real corner of paradise that you can fully enjoy even when the sun is at its hottest in summer.

Our garden shade sails are inspired by the most genuine Mediterranean tradition: with their light minimalist appeal, they appear to have been brought there by chance or by the wind. But their lightness is the result of meticulous research to make them extremely sturdy in terms of their:

Frame: either free-standing with four steel masts or leaning against a wall with one or more fixings.

Fabrics: highly resistant polyester sailcloth with radial seams provides protection against the sun and rain, depending on the weight, the thickness and the colour.

Operation: all garden shade sail models are fitted with motorized opening and closing systems. The fabric wraps around the boom that is tensioned by a steel cable.

Safety: when the wind exceeds 40 km/h, the garden shade sail automatically closes thanks to a mandatory anemometer. A shade sail with a 10-metre opening can close in less than 40 seconds.

With the Velenda Libre model, a Gibus shade sail, the garden becomes a living room, where you can have an enjoyable time with your family and friends. Even at night, with LED spotlights that can be fixed to trees or walls.

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