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Bioclimatic pergolas for gardens

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  • pergolas for gardens
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When we dedicate so much passion and care to our garden, we would like to enjoy the greenery, flowers and the view with no limits. With a bioclimatic pergola, the garden becomes a protected living space for use in all seasons, even when it rains or the sun is blazing hot.

Imagine an additional room to place in your favourite spot in the garden: leaning against a wall or free-standing, in the middle of a lawn, and with an open view on every side.

As the name implies, a bioclimatic pergola allows you to control the temperature and light you require, but in an entirely natural way. These are controlled by the cover with adjustable aluminium louvres, which is a feature of all Gibus bioclimatic pergolas for gardens. When slightly open, they create a very pleasant breeze on summer days; when closed, they provide perfect protection from the rain.

Of course, your bioclimatic pergola can be complemented choosing from a vast variety of side closing systems: zip closure systems that anchor and tension blackout fabrics, shading fabrics, transparent Cristal PVC fabric, or insect screens. 

Or you can choose lateral folding and sliding large glass windows, such as the Skate model: strong, stable and safe, extremely easy to install and maintain, they protect against the cold, wind and rain, leaving you with a beautiful view.

Gibus has incorporated its best technologies, mostly patented, in its garden pergolas: 

  • Twist Motion system for rotating the louvres from 0° to 135°
  • Side Seal system for perimeter insulation of the cover
  • Inner Guide system that perfectly integrates a screen closing system with the Med Varia pergola with large glass windows, also in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Relax under a pergola: a motorized system controls the louvre orientation. Wind, rain and snow sensors are also available for automatic closing or opening.


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