Awnings and blinds

A minimal residence

Type: Home projectsLocation: Camisano Vicentino - ItalyInstalled products: Arm awnings
A fresh sign of design under the sun

In a superb residence with a minimalist image, with façades entirely covered in stone, the Segno arm awning by Gibus offers all the comfort of optimal shading, while offering a high-value design, which combines style and technology in solutions that last over time.

A secluded space intended for relaxation, conviviality and a relationship with nature, in which Segno’s sober design fits in an elegant and discreet way, creating a well-shaded area that allows the use of the veranda, even on the sunniest days.

The use of curtains to protect inhabited spaces dates back to antiquity, when there were no glass windows and curtains were mainly used to keep the temperature inside buildings as constant as possible. For centuries, the quality of the fabrics and the mastery of workmanship have been a distinctive feature of the rank and wealth of the inhabitants of a house.

Today, outdoor awnings, albeit in a different way than in the past, continue to improve the comfort and livability of contemporary buildings, performing important functions such as darkening rooms, protecting them from visual introspection, shielding them from solar radiation and valorizing the outdoors.

This is the case of the Segno awning – an arm awning developed by Gibus to fit into any context with style and functionality – that improves the use of the external areas and optimizes the internal comfort of this exclusive country house characterized by minimalist design and façades entirely covered in stone.

In this case, Segno also fulfils a bioclimatic function: when the awning is completely unfolded, by opening the large sliding windows and the windows overlooking the main façade, the cool surfaces of the veranda activate a light and pleasant current of fresh air that naturally mitigates the temperature of the internal rooms.