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Dome Awnings

Canopy awnings are a truly classic outdoor solution for embellishing the façade of shops, restaurants, villas and other buildings. Classic yet versatile, they are available in 6 models:

  • Base 
  • Compasso  
  • Proporzionale 
  • Tondo 
  • Semi-tondo  
  • Raggiato  

A canopy awning, available up to 6 metres in width, is a furnishing element that expresses and reinforces the personality of a brand. 

Fabrics are made of hard-wearing polyester and come in a wide variety of colours. The valence is also available in a vast choice of colours, patterns and models. There are no restrictions on bespoke solutions for canopy awnings: images, wording and logos can make the outside of a shop recognisable, even from afar.

They are not only highly attractive, elegant and stylish but also functional and hard-wearing. Canopy awnings have a powder-coated aluminium frame with a chromate conversion coating, which allows the top coating to bond better with the surface. Such treatment protects the movement systems of the fabric, making them more resistant to rain, UV rays and corrosion by aggressive agents.

They have a standard cable control system but can be fitted with a crank or motorized control system upon request.

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