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Sun Awnings

You can you do and improve so many things with a sun awning!
You can create a shaded corner, where you can enjoy air and light even when the sun is directly overhead. You can protect rooms and spaces from sunlight or add a recognisable and stylish structure to the façade of a house, hotel or retail business.

The sun awnings produced by Gibus are not only practical, strong and totally efficient but also aspire to beauty: a refined beauty that arises from careful and informed choices of design, a subtle beauty that blends well with architecture and respects the landscape. 
Sun awnings: a range of materials, solutions and applications

If each Gibus sun awning exactly meets the demands of its customers – whether a private individual or a company in the tourism and hospitality sector – it is because three factors come together: the extremely high quality of materials, cutting-edge technologies and a preference for elegant minimalist lines, which enhance spaces whatever the style.


Gibus offers many outdoor awning solutions, each one with its own special features. 

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted folding arm awnings are an ideal and safe option for providing protection from the sun. Easy to install, they are made of hard-wearing durable materials. With some models, when the awning is closed, its arms and rolled back fabric are housed in a cassette box to protect them from atmospheric agents.

Vertical drop awnings are an elegant, simple and functional solution for windows and façades of private homes, late night bars and clubs, shops, restaurants and hotels. Versatile simplicity: the awning fabric can also be adjusted using the arms or it can slide on lateral guides or steel cables.
To protect windows, porticos and roofs, Gibus offers a complete range of Zip sunscreens, which not only provide protection against light and wind but also offer a wider view of the landscape when made of Cristal, a type of PVC that is as clear as glass.
Motorized sun awnings in sophisticated design

To protect verandas and skylights, Gibus provides tension awnings, all fitted with a standard motorized system. Powder-coated structures and stainless fixings ensure that awnings are hard-wearing and durable.

For smaller openings, Gibus offers window awnings, which can be motorized and fitted with stainless steel arms to adjust, at any time, the amount of light required. Canopies bring elegance and character to private homes and shop windows: made of polyester or acrylic, they can be customised and come in a range of colours to fully suit any brand and any need. 

Tension awnings

They transform your summer veranda from greenhouse to lounge. Sheltered, comfortable, enjoyable.
Dome Awnings

Dome Awnings

The canopy awning is the embodiment of classical charm, natural elegance and unmistakeable character.

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Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.

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