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Sliding glass doors

Glass provides total protection and all-round vision. Gibus sliding glass doors slide smoothly and noiselessly, separating or opening indoor and outdoor spaces in homes, restaurants, hotels and shops.

A “total glass” effect is achieved with sliding panels made of toughened monolithic glass, without perimeter profiles but with clear seals between the panels instead.

These wind-resistant large windows are entirely safe. They vary from 10 to 12 millimetres thick and slide on stainless steel parallel tracks thanks to two sliding frames.

Highly resistant large glass windows: with a powder-coated aluminium frame and chromate conversion coating, which bonds the aluminium coating to the surface and slows down the aggressive effects of the rain, UV rays, wind and salt fog. 

Extremely attractive large glass windows, with toughened glass panels, are also available in extra clear or satin glass on request. They are fitted with standard closing systems such as a round stainless steel knob or optionals such as an internal steel knob or an external smooth casing or lock with a key. The frames are available in a variety of coloured coatings.

Versatile large glass windows: these doors are available with 2, 3 or 4 tracks up to a maximum of 8 panels, combined with side or central openings.

Not even condensation blurs the transparency of Gibus sliding glass doors, since it is removed through a bulkhead positioned at the base and the levelling of the tracks behind the end stops at the sides.

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Sliding windows, the perfect accessory for the pergolas

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