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Pergola covers

Maybe you already have an arbor, a pergola, a simple structure. With the Gibus pergola covers they become a sheltered space, to enjoy also when it’s baking outside or rain beats. 

Shades for pergola are foldable layer awnings made of cloth, supported by horizontal profiles. Thanks to their side guides, they can be opened or closed, therefore space is even more sheltered and protected.    

Among the many pergola shade covers, everyone can find his model: from the simplest to the most sophisticated. But all handy.   

Med 26 protects your pergola from sun rays with a manual operation of the cloth. 

Med Quadra Wall is the most technological model, in painted steel, equipped with side guides. It also protects from the rain: the slight slope of the cloth makes rain flow away.

Med GC is the most elegant, basic sun shade for pergola, with stainless-steel cables and a light shade cloth in polyester or acrylic. A privileged space to enjoy landscape and nature.

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