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Bioclimatic Pergolas

Gibus bioclimatic pergolas interact noiselessly with nature to offer you constant wellbeing in changing weather conditions, even the most imperceptible. With minimum energy consumption.

The secret lies in the cover with adjustable louvres: when slightly open, they rotate to create an agreeable light breeze and block out direct sunlight. When closed, they provide protection from the rain while rainwater runs off into built-in downpipes.

The microclimate is always perfect in Gibus bioclimatic pergolas. The vertical dimension complements the horizontal one, with the option of integrating all the Zip side closures. A pergola can be closed on all sides for a shading effect in the hottest months, or with glass panels so you can enjoy the view in the coldest months.



When fitted with all the automatic devices and motorized systems, a bioclimatic pergola is self-adjustable, allowing you to experience special moments outdoors every day.

Twist is a basic model that is ideal in summer, whereas Varia lets you live outdoors in all seasons because it has a built-in Zip roller closing system inside the profiles.  The result is an environment protected by vertical drop awnings also at the sides, just like a room: glass windows in winter, shading fabric in summer.

Bioclimatic pergolas are the ultimate in Gibus technological research, represented by three patents:

  • Side Seal for perimeter insulation of the cover
  • Twist Motion for rotating the louvres from 0° to 135°
  • Inner Guide to integrate the perimeter Zip closure system into the frame of the Varia model.

In the free-standing or leaning version, with its lightness and minimalist appeal, a bioclimatic pergola gives designers a huge amount of creative freedom, in whatever style takes shape.

bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic Pergolas

A gentle breeze? Unbridled sunshine? Shelter from the rain? The pergola will sort you out.

Energy Pergola

The photovoltaic bioclimatic pergola that gives a new meaning to outdoor living, with even less impact on the environment.


Turn up the heat, adjust the lights, get some music on. You are ready for the night!

Sliding glass doors

Bioclimatic pergola in summer, panoramic lounge in winter: all thanks to the sliding glass doors.

Zip closures

Life passes happily within these four walls. Shading, blocking or transparent? There is a solution for every season.

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