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Med Luce

The minimal design pergola with no front section

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built-in lighting system

blocking PVC covering

no front beam

Med Luce

Leaning pergola made of powder coated aluminum, characterized by a sharp edge joint between the leg and the guide. Rails are not necessary up to 500 cm projection, thus ensuring an unobstructed view when the cloth is folded. The layers of the fabric are made of black-out PVC. The water is collected in a gutter which moves with the cover and discharged to the ground through two side openings. In 2016 it was included in the ADI Design Index, the permanent selection of the best Italian design.

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Technical features

Color structure: Bronze Gibus matt
Bronze Gibus matt
Anthracite 416 Gibus sablé
Corten Gibus sablé
Light inox Gibus metallic
White RAL 9010 satin
Ivory RAL 1013 satin
Anthracite RAL 7016 satin
Other paintings: White RAL 9010 matt
White RAL 9010 matt
Vr white RAL 9016 matt
White RAL 1013 matt
Ivory RAL 1015 matt
Grey RAL 7030 matt
Grey RAL 7032 matt
Grey RAL 7039 matt
Light grey chiaro RAL 7035 matt
Grey RAL 9006 matt
Grey RAL 9007 matt
Black RAL 9005 matt
Brown RAL 8017 matt
Brown RAL 8019 matt
White RAL 9010 sablé
Ivory RAL 1013 sablé
Grey RAL 9006 sablé
Grey RAL 9007 sablé
Anthracite RAL 7016 sablé
Brown 1247 Gibus sablé
Grey RAL 7035 satin
Anthracite RAL 7016 satin
Brown RAL 8017 satin


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