Gibus bioclimatic pergolas: for enjoying your outdoor areas even in autumn

The transition from summer to autumn also brings variable weather: sun and heat suddenly alternate with light rain and cooler temperatures. In order to continue living in your outdoor areas and enjoying the pleasant autumn colors, the cover in tilting metal blades called Med Twist, the Gibus bioclimatic pergola, is the ideal solution.

The blades in aluminum, which can be opened and rotated, protect from the sun, guaranteeing a pleasant climate in the area below, as well as giving protection from the rain.
When the blades are open the flow of warm air rises and generates an ideal microclimatein your Place Under the Sun, while once they are closed they completely protect you from the rain, making the water flow down the drainpipes integrated in the support structure. And to make your outdoor area even more comfortable, you can choose to insulate the blades with expanded polystyrene and further improve the sound insulation in case of storms.

There are two exclusive patents that guarantee the blades of the Gibus cover are efficacious and work well: Side Seal and Twist Motion.

The Side Seal system guarantees the blades are both waterproof and soundproof. Each blade has a seal along its external edge and then rests on the seal that runs along the internal edge of the support structure.

Twist Motion, instead, regulates blade rotation: a synchronous movement, activated by remote control, which permits rotation from 45 to 135 degrees, an angle that allows you to perfectly control light entering and regulate airflow.

Discover all the advantages of a cover with blades, for The Place Under the Sun to be enjoyed in every season.

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