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The Bellin-Danieli family bet on the future: they get back 100% of Gibus S.p.A.

On 18th July 2018, an important rearrangement operation relevant to the shareholder structure of Gibus S.p.A was completed.

The Bellin-Danieli family is pleased to announce their purchase of the private equity fund managed by Alkemia Sgr (previously named NEM Sgr) of the shareholding they owned, equal to 25.67% of the company.
Following that transaction, Terra Holding Srl, a company set up by Gianfranco Bellin, Lucia Danieli and Lorenzo Danieli, now owns the total amount of the Gibus S.p.A’s capital shares.

This concludes the profitable collaboration with Alkemia Sgr, which joined the company in April 2016 and contributed greatly to the company growth process, particularly by widening both international markets and the company managerialization.
At the same time, we would like to announce the retirement of Lorenzo Danieli, the shareholder and founder of Gibus responsible for the technological development of the project. All the company staff would like to express their gratitude to him and acknowledge his contribution in the development of the company with over 35 years of business.

The company, now ruled by the new Board of Directors that is made up of the President and Managing Director Gianfranco Bellin and advisors Alessio Bellin and Lucia Danieli, will continue its ambitious growth process in the domestic and international markets focusing on the development of forefront products both in design and technology as well as on the strengthening of our strong and acknowledged brand.

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