Med Luce: the new design of the Mediterranea line

The latest addition to the Mediterranea Line is a new model characterized by its freshness, lightness and personality: Gibus’s La Stanza del Sole® (The Sun Room) offers a new interpretation of sun protection.

The elegant shape combined with the finest Gibus technology characterizes this new model of painted aluminum awning. The details that can be seen in Med Luce set a new standard of finishing, such as the design of the edge joint between the leg and the runner, and the innovative wall mount. No mechanism or screw is visible. Thanks to this, Med Luceintegrates unobtrusively with any architectural context, naturally enhancing the environment.

The pitched blackout PVC canvas, which protects from both sun and rain, finishes in the movable gutter. The absence of front beams allows you to look freely from the horizon to the sky, giving a feeling of space, light and freedom.

The retraction system of the canvas is on the side runners, with a highly resistant toothed belt rotating on ball bearings.

Gibus’s Med Luce redesigns the style of awnings.


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