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All the Gibus 2015 news: R+T Stuttgart, Hall 3, Stand C72

From February 24 to 28 2015, at the international fair R+T in Stuttgart, hall 3, stand C72, Gibus will welcome you in its own exhibition space and present the news and innovations in the sector of coverage and sun protection.

2015 news. Gibus raises the design horizon.
Med Open Fly, evolves the elegance and efficiency of the patented Fly system, inserting it into a solid structure with a sharp edge, which exalts sophistication and technology.
Med Viva, leaning pergola with painted aluminum structure and innovative wall fastening system that combines lightness with functionality and style.
Med Twist, the pergola becomes bioclimatic. It provides sun protection and favors air circulation so you always have ultimate comfort. The adjustable coverage strips, if closed, seal thanks to an exclusive and patented system, to obtain total protection also with intense rainfall. It is available in numerous freestanding or leaning configurations.

In addition, all the most recent Gibus shading solutions will also be available at the stand: Velenda Libre, Med Luce, Med Room, Tolo, Didue, Segno, Med Quadra, Skate, Glisse, 11.QU, 13.QU.


Design, innovation, modularity, and easy installation define the design and manufacturing style of Gibus, The Sun Factory - Italy.


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