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Legal Notes

1. Website use terms and conditions
2. Applicable law
3. Rights to ownership 
4. Website content and purpose
5. Regulations governing site content use
6. Links to other websites
7. Liability 
1. Website use terms and conditions  
Whoever enters this website or uses it in any way fully accepts the conditions specified herein. If you do not accept or do not intend to be bound by these conditions, you will not be authorized to have access to, use or download any material from this site.
In any moment, Gibus S.P.A. reserves the right to update or modify these conditions and uses of the website, without any notice. In the case of modifying the conditions, access to the website implies the commitment to respect the modified conditions.
2. Applicable law  
All the contents published or present in the website, including their selection and organization, as well as the website layout and design, are protected by the privacy law (Legislative Decree 30/6/2003, No. 196), by the copyright law (Law 22/4/1941, No. 633, as modified by the Legislative Decree 29/12/1992 No. 518, on juridical protection of software) and by other national and international laws for intellectual and industrial property, and their modifications and integrations.
3. Rights 
This website is exclusively owned by Gibus S.P.A.; an Internet domain name was formally obtained, according to the methods and procedures in force at the moment of the request.
The rights to contents belong to Gibus S.P.A.. Some Internet pages of this website can also contain material subject to copyrights of those who made the material available. By publishing them, Gibus S.P.A. does not transmit any right to any of the website contents, including the use of materials published on the site and their reproduction by third parties.
4. Website content and purpose  
The contents of the website have been designed in compliance with Italian laws and European Union directives, herein including those to protect literary and artistic works, and are aimed at national and international users.
The purpose of the site is to spread, via Internet, news concerning the company Gibus S.P.A., in order to provide information and advertise.
Gibus S.P.A. specifies that:
- it adopts the proper procedures in order to ensure standards for the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, updating, and promptness of the information contained in the website;
- it is committed to removing possible technical or typographical errors in as little time possible;
- it reserves the right in any moment to modify, without notice at its own discretion, the contents and the operating modes of the website and the services offered;
- it cannot be held responsible for possible imprecisions, errors, and delays in updates.
The content, and its each and every part, cannot be reproduced (even only in part or citing the source) unless upon prior written consent from Gibus S.P.A..
5. Regulations governing site content use 
A) Acceptable behavior: personal use
Access to the website and its contents, as a registered or unregistered visitor, is exclusively allowed for the purposes of personal use (for example, for one’s own information, research, study).
B) Prohibited behavior: commercial use
The user cannot use or have third parties use the website and the data contained therein for commercial purposes. Any use for commercial intentions or benefit or economic exploitation on behalf of users is therefore expressly prohibited, with the exception of prior agreement and written authorization from Gibus S.P.A..
In any case, the following are prohibited:
- modifying the website or any of its content or access mode;
- behavior that constitutes a crime according to laws in force (for example, computer crimes, such as the violation of the computer domicile);
- behavior intended to split up parts or sections of this website and/or incorporate it into other sites of third parties, to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload from the program, make public, transmit, or distribute in any way its content, as a whole or in part, including codes and software, without the prior consent of “Gibus S.P.A.” or in breach of these conditions;
- the attempt to access reserved areas of the website without the authorization profile;
- the uploading of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disturbing characteristics such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (such as, for example, images with integrated audio worms), worms, Trojans or bot for the purpose of scrolling or launching multiple screens and for further activities generally capable of disturbing the integrity or running or the on-line communication of the website;
- in general, use that causes or can cause damage, interruption or limitations to this website or its services;
- the unauthorized collection, by means of the website, of the personal information of third parties (for example, e-mail addresses).
C) Prohibited behavior – Consequences
Barring each and every possible right, authority or power of third parties, in the case of adopting prohibited behavior, Gibus S.P.A. reserves the right to act according to law.
Should breaches of the website use conditions be found, Gibus S.P.A. reserves the right to adopt, without any notice, any corrective measure whatsoever, including blocking the visitor/user’s access to the website and its services and removing all material inserted in the site by said visitor/user, without any liability, either direct or indirect.

Gibus S.P.A. shall collaborate with the competent authorities, also for the purpose of promptly identifying the perpetrators of any illicit behavior.
6. Links to other websites 
In the website there may be links to other sites of third parties.
With a link to other sites, the user voluntarily leaves the site and is directed to the web pages of sites on a different network than this website.
Gibus S.P.A. shall previously request authorization for the link to any website of third parties.
Users who decide to visit other connected websites through the links in this website take responsibility for all the related risks; Gibus S.P.A. is not responsible for the content of sites accessible through the "links" that are not under its control.
With the exception of agreements made with involved parties, Gibus S.P.A. reserves the right to remove any link or linking program at any time.
Users who want to insert a link from the website in their "homepage" must ask for authorization from Gibus S.P.A. by forwarding a written e-mail request to the address
Gibus S.P.A. reserves the right to evaluate the request and to grant authorization at its total discretion; Gibus S.P.A. also reserves the right to act according to law with regard to those who should introduce links that have not been previously authorized.
The so-called "deep linking" is prohibited: all the links for this website must lead to the homepage of the site and must clarify that this website and its contents are considered separately from the site that contains the link; in addition, they must underline that Gibus A.P.A. owns and runs this website, without any sharing of the site content that activates the link. Similarly, use of the framing technique is prohibited.
7. Liability 
Neither Gibus S.P.A. (the term, for the purpose of this paragraph, must also be understood as including the directors, auditors, managers, employees, agents, and consultants of Gibus S.P.A.), nor any other Licensor of Gibus S.P.A., shall be held liable for facts and/or damage that can result from the use of this website and/or its content on behalf of the user and/or third parties. Gibus S.P.A. shall not be liable for possible facts and/or damage caused by measures it legitimately took to deal with prohibited behavior.
Gibus S.P.A., moreover, shall not be held liable for problems the user has due to interruptions, suspensions, delays, or anomalies in service supply, which depend on electrical energy supply or telephone service, or other causes related to the technical means the content is transmitted by, which do not depend on Gibus S.P.A..
Gibus S.P.A., despite its constant effort to improve the services offered, shall not be held liable by third parties for the precision or up-to-datedness of this website.
8.  Definitions 
- "Legal Notes": the terms or conditions herein;
- "Website” or "site": homepage of the site, the Internet pages contained in it or other collections of information and/or applications managed by "Gibus S.P.A." and made available with access through IT equipment, such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, hand-held computers, digital cameras, TV equipment, or other network devices with physical or wireless connection;
- "Contents": web pages, documents with texts, editorial contents, communications, drawings, graphics, images, and photographs, databases, software, and any other audiovisual material of any kind;
- "Services": all those functions, devices, applications, information, or other services available through this website;
- "Visitor" or "User": any person who enters the website, with or without permission from "Gibus S.P.A.", or who uses it, regardless of having "registered";
- "Framing": the use of framesets to display the information from one website within another website;
- "Deep link": using a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed piece of web content on a website, rather than the homepage.